West Berkshire NewsWBC: Government funding awarded for road maintenance

Government funding awarded for road maintenance


West Berkshire Council has been awarded a grant of approximately £2million from the Department for Transport.

The money is West Berkshire’s share of the £420 million of new Local Highways Maintenance Funding money. This additional money is to help local authorities fix potholes and carry out other repairs after a harsh winter followed by a scorching summer took its toll on road networks across the country.

By the end of this financial year (2018/2019) West Berkshire Council will have already invested £3.6 million on resurfacing and a further £1.06 million on other road repairs to maintain the 1292km of roads in the district. This money will go towards further maintenance of West Berkshire’s roads.

West Berkshire’s Executive Member for Highways and Transport, Jeanette Clifford, said: “We are delighted to have received this money. As a council we are committed to ensuring the roads in West Berkshire are safe and well maintained. This additional money is welcomed and will enable us to carry out further improvements to the road network such as pothole repairs, better drainage and clearer road markings and signage.”


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