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Many thanks to all who completed our Questionnaire in the Autumn. We had more than 550 respondents. This strengthens our evidence base concerning the way local residents would most – and least! – like to see Burghfield develop in the future. We shall build your responses into the final NDP document that we are currently preparing.  

We shall be assisted in this task by the fact that West Berkshire Council has now published its Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA). This document details sites that have been put forward for development in a forthcoming revision of the West Berkshire Local Plan. This will cover the period to 2036. A little later in the process West Berkshire Council will inform your NDP team how much new development is required in Burghfield in the revised Local Plan, and we will recommend which of the HELAA sites should be used to accommodate this requirement.

The HELAA document, including an interactive map, can be viewed at:

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