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Car parking free at West Berkshire Council-operated car parks

Car parks operated by West Berkshire Council will be free until further notice to help make life easier for key workers at this difficult time.

With immediate effect please note that the parking charges have been suspended at all off-street car parks across West Berkshire until further notice. Charges have also been suspended at our on-street parking bays. This initiative will help support key workers needing to use their cars during this intense period of disruption due to the Covid19 outbreak.

Signs are being erected to this effect at the entrances to those car parks that will remain open, however we will be unable to provide similar notification at the on-street parking bays due to the number and spread of locations involved.

Where appropriate our officers have provided information on timings and emergency contact details for enquiries on equipment within the car parks. The Kennet Centre car park will only be open between 7am and 7pm, however this will be restricted to the ground floor only and will be unattended, with the lifts also being out of use. Northbrook Street car park has been closed until further notice and the car parks within the Wharf area have had their barriers lifted for unrestricted access.

Season tickets holders will have their expiry period extended by two months, which will hopefully be suitable for most users given the current circumstances. If this is not suitable for some ticket holders, advice regarding refunds will be made available on our website in due course.

Regardless of the measures we have introduced for our car parking restrictions throughout our district we do ask that all road users still help to ensure the roads are kept clear for all traffic, including emergency services and that the double yellow lines and disabled parking bays are respected.

Councillor Richard Somner, Executive Member for Transport, said: “We recognise the important roles key workers have in our communities. It’s only right that we ensure they don’t have to contend with anything which might be seen as an obstacle to them carrying out their duties at this very difficult time.”


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