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This is now an elected post on the Management Committee and a new Constitution has been drawn up in this respect.

It is a non-salaried post, but an annual honorarium is paid as for the Secretary and Treasurer.

It has been found useful for the Organiser to be in the office for one morning per week, answering the telephone etc., usually with the Secretary, as this is a good opportunity to keep in touch and liaise about Bureau matters.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  1. Attend the quarterly Committee meeting and offer a brief report.
  2. Attend Annual General Meeting. Highlight anything of note that has happened during the year, including the retirement or death of any volunteer plus anything you want to say personally.  It is the responsibility of the Organiser to keep the statistics for the year.
  3. Duty rota for office volunteers. Most of the time this runs smoothly.  Some office staff make arrange among themselves if they need replacements.  Others refer to the Organiser.  It is therefore, helpful to have substitutes available in case of illness etc. e.g. a short list of one or two reserves.
  4. Car Scheme providers group. This meets twice a year and is organised by Newbury Volunteer Centre.  The Organiser attends if possible.  It is a useful forum for exchange of views, news and discussion of mutual problems.
  5. New Volunteers.
    New volunteer drivers are interviewed by the Organiser and given forms to complete as to their availability etc.  Their driving licence also has to be seen and recorded.  A new driver’s pack is given to each volunteer comprising of a mileage claim form, a parking permit for the West Berkshire Hospital, and details of volunteer spaces available at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.  Also envelopes for donations, a laminated card printed with “Volunteer Driver on Duty” and information on the mileage allowance given.
    Once the relevant paper work is returned to the office giving their bank details, telephone and e-mail address etc., the volunteer can then be put on the driver’s list straight away.


Details to be entered in Day Book, i.e. address, telephone number and any relevant particulars.
Ask if client is mobile, needs a wheel chair or has to use a walker.

The client’s name, address and telephone is then entered in the rear of the Day Book and also given a number.

A new card is then made up with all relevant details including the new number.

The Organiser will then send a letter to the client which gives all information needed.


It is the task of the Organiser to oversee the general running of the Bureau and to ensure that all drivers know their role and have all the information they need.  It is a good idea to see that all drivers are approached from time to time and that we don’t just rely on a few stalwarts.

Send out letters to new clients when they first register so that they know what is expected of them re contributions and information of disabilities etc.

Keep the relevant advertising material up to date which is needed for driver recruitment and publicity etc.

If you are interested, please contact the office or email, details below;
Office phone number, open Mon-Fri 9.30am – 11.30am – 01189831814
Email us – bureauvolunteer@gmail.com


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