Parish NewsBurghfield & Mortimer Mobility Store gets early Christmas Presents

The free to use, volunteer run Mobility Store received two early Christmas surprises. The first was a generous donation of £500 from the Burghfield Residents Association (B.R.A) who give out grants from the proceeds of their Annual May Fayre. The Mobility Store needed to replace its ageing donated stock as well as buy 2 new “All Terrain” wheelchairs so that residents can access the local woodland with their families.

These specialist chairs with mountain bike 22″ tyres cost £350-£400 new! So, the £500 would have bought at least 1 of the chairs. But imagine the surprise when someone came forward last minute at Christmas with a brand new unused chair for just £90 in a private sale!

“This is incredible,” said David Gregory, Manager of Burghfield Community.” We all need a bit of luck now and again. Instead of paying £800 for 2 chairs we should now be able to get them both for the same price and enable residents to take a bit of fresh air.”

The Mobility Store can be contacted on 07 59 59 59 479 or via


Parish Council

P.O Box 7381,

0118 983 1748