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Village Hall Future

A Brighter future

The Parish Council are delighted to update you on the progress for the refurbishment of the village Hall.

The outbreak of Covid sadly resulted in the closure of the hall in March. With the government stipulating fresh air ventilation as a requirement for halls and community centres to re-open in the summer, we were forced to remain closed. Due to the windows in the main hall not being able to be opened, the hall had to remain closed. However, this provided the council with the opportunity to undertake previously identified refurbishments at the hall for the thriving community of Burghfield.

The aim of the remodelling is to ensure the village hall remains at the heart of the community for future generations by providing a hall that offers improved flexibility and versatility in its usage.

The hall is used by a wide variety of clubs, societies and groups within the local community and provides an annual income of £30,000. We hope you agree that the refurbishments are vital in ensuring this valuable asset is retuned to the community as soon as possible.

 The improvements will feature:

  • Improved access and lobby space
  • Improved layout and flow
  • An accessible public toilet
  • Energy efficient windows and doors
  • Opening windows for improved ventilation
  • Independent access to hireable spaces
  • Overall appearance and kerb appeal
  • A tea point for the side room

How much will it cost & where will the money come from?

The estimated cost to build the hall to the specified design is £200,000.

The parish council will allocate £100,000 from its Rolling Capital Fund for the project.

The remaining £100,000 is to be raised by Burghfield Parish Council obtaining a Public Works Loan (PWL) to be repaid over a 20 year term.

The repayments are to be funded by an increase in Council Tax to Burghfield Residents. Interest rates are currently very low, providing an attractive and sustainable platform for borrowing.

How much will it cost you?

The primary source of income for Burghfield Parish Council comes from the Precept, a portion of the Council Tax collected by West Berks Council.

The precept funding pays for the services provided within the parish and the overall running of the parish council. Burghfield Parish Councils charge on a Band D property for 2020/21 was £108.65 out of the total West Berkshire Tax Bill of £2,531.

Our estimate of the increase in council tax for the repayment of the loan, for a Band D property, is 25p per month, or £2.56 per year, resulting in a total of £51.20 for the 20-year term.

What does this mean in real terms?

This would buy you one slice of bread a week OR  One medium loaf + One pint of milk + 6 eggs   = Per Year

Consultation Response

Burghfield residents are asked to confirm their agreement to Burghfield Parish Council obtaining funding for the refurbishment of the Village Hall via a Public Works Loan. Please answer the questions below, providing your details to
validate your response.

Question 1 (Yes or No)
Are you in favour of Burghfield Parish Council obtaining a public Works Loan for the value of £100,000 for the refurbishment of the Village Hall

Question 2 (Yes or No)
Are you in favour of the precept increase of 2.3% for the purpose of the loan repayment? This equates to an increase of £2.56 per annum for the average Band D property . The total monetary value for the term of the loan is £51.20

Want to Have Your Say?
Please respond by completing the survey online or via email to the parish council, confirming your full address and postcode

Deadline for responses is Monday 30th November 2020

Data Protection Statement: The way in which your data is handled varies depending on how you submit your response to this consultation, but all information submitted will be treated in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles. Your personal data is collected to verify you are a resident of Burghfield. Your data will only be retained for as long as needed and for the purpose of the consultation.

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