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The Village Hall Now

Burghfield Village Hall is located in Burghfield Common, Burghfield at the corner of Reading Road and Recreation Road. It is owned and managed by Burghfield Parish Council for the use by the local community. The village hall was built with the main large hall first followed by various extensions throughout the years. The various extensions were designed in an ad hoc manner. This resulted in a building with inefficient layout, poor flow between the various rooms and limited flexibility in the use of the building.

As it stands today, the village hall has a 12 people meeting room and two main events halls for hire. The main hall has a capacity for 120 people. The smaller one caters for 30 people. These two rooms are connected with a large folding sliding partition. Access to the smaller hall is via the main hall only.

Vehicular access is via Recreation Road. The village hall car park has a capacity for 40 cars and this will remain unchanged.  Pedestrian access to the building is via a short ramp and through a shallow lobby with double doors. The congested layout of the existing entrance lobby does not comply with the current building regulation and makes access difficult to a range of users, such as an ambulant disabled people and parents with pushchairs.

The Village Hall in the Future

  1. The village hall provides space for a wide-ranging group of users and this application aims to remodel it so it is more inclusive by providing better wheelchair access and toilet facilities for the ambulant disabled people.
  2. Remodel the two events rooms so the small one is accessed independently through a new corridor.  This will allow the Parish Council to use the two event rooms independently from each other giving them much more flexibility on how to use the building and increase revenues.
  3. Modernise the exterior of the building and improve its kerb appeal by rendering the existing brick walls and installing better performing new windows and doors.

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