Council FinanceApplication for Grant Funding

Burghfield Parish Council’s annual budget includes funds for grants to support projects benefiting the residents of the Parish.

Grant applications will be considered on an annual basis in March each year. Applications must be received by the last day of February for consideration by the Finance & Audit Committee. Applications received after the deadline will be carried forward to the next submission period.

Organisations wishing to apply for grant funding must complete a grant application form and submit it to the Parish Clerk. The applicant must demonstrate that the funding will benefit the residents of the Parish. Typically, grants are not awarded to organisations outside the Parish unless there are direct benefits to the Parish or its residents. Applications should request one-off grants that will not lead to recurring expenditure for the Parish Council.

When considering a grant application, the Parish Council will evaluate:

  • Whether the Parish Council has the authority to make the grant.
  • Whether the applicant has undertaken some degree of self-help fundraising.
  • Whether the applicant has sought funding from other sources for the same project.

To submit an application for grant funding, please download the form and email it to: [email protected]

Parish Council

P.O Box 7381,

0118 983 1748