Council FinanceApplication for Grant Funding

Burghfield Parish Councils’ annual budget includes a sum of money for grants for projects that will be of benefit to the residents of the Parish.

Any organisation wishing to apply for grant funding must fill in a grant application form and submit it to the parish clerk prior to the deadline dates of January 31st, April 30th, August 31st and October 31st.

The applicant must demonstrate that any funding provided by the Parish Council will be of benefit to the residents of the Parish. The Parish Council will not normally make grants to organisations outside of the Parish unless there are direct benefits to the Parish or its residents. Applications should be made for ‘one-off grants’ that will not result in any recurring expenditure for the Parish Council.

The Parish Council will not award grants to Political Parties or Religious organisations unless for a purpose which does not discriminate on grounds of belief.

When considering a grant application the Parish Council will take into account;

  • Whether the Parish Council has the power to make the grant
  • Whether the applicant has shown a degree of fund-raising on a ‘self help’ basis
  • Whether the applicant has applied to other bodies for grant funding for the same project

Application forms must be received no later than the stated deadline dates in order to be placed on the agenda for consideration. Any applications received after a deadline will be carried forward to be considered at the meeting scheduled following the next submission deadline date.

To submit an application for grant funding please download the form and submit to:

Parish Council

P.O Box 7381,

0118 983 1748