What is an AED Defibrillator?

If someone collapses and stops breathing then that person has gone into Cardiac Arrest.  here are around 60,000 out of hospital patient cardiac arrests each year. By quickly applying the external pads from an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the bare chest of a patient and then following the verbal instructions given by the unit , it could help save a life. If required, the device will help you to deliver a small electric shock that may help recalibrate their heart and get them to breathe for themselves again. Every single minute that someone is not breathing effectively reduces their chance of survival by 10% … time is critical!

You MUST ring 999 first to gain the security access code for the unit.

This will also alert the emergency services to come to your aid.

Public AEDs are designed to be easily and safely used by any member of the public and there are 1000’s of them being installed across the UK. Here in Burghfield there are 7  AEDs that we know of (2 of which are 24/7 Public access), the others are available during various premesis open hours from  places like the Burghfield Health Centre. In addition the local NHS Responders carry 4 of their own mobile units in response to 999 calls and the Parish Council are now working with Burghfield Community Facebook Page who are donating a further 3 units for Public Access installation around the Parish over the coming months!

Where are the Parish AEDS?

Burghfield Common Village Hall
Public Access via Code from 999

The Hatch Gate Inn
Public Access via Code from 999

Wellers Fruit Shop
Public Access via Code from 999

Burghfield Community Sports Association (James Lane)
Private Static – see opening hours

Burghfield Health Centre
Private Static – see opening hours

Burghfield Dental Centre
Private Static – see opening hours

Willink Leisure Centre
Private Static – see opening hours

Burghfield St Mary’s Primary School
Private Static – see opening hours

Tesco Express
Private Static – see opening hours

Guide Dogs for the Blind – Hillfields
Private Static – see opening hours

When someone collapses, the FIRST thing to do is call 999 and tell the operator your POST CODE or location. This will help them decide which is the nearest available AED based on your circumstances. If you are alone with your patient you should commence CPR under their instruction but if there are others around, you may be advised to send someone to get your nearest AED.

AED locations and availability are updated all the time. Apple and Android Phones have a FREE App called “Save-a-Life” which will show you YOUR LOCATION and also the LOCATION and AVAILABILITY of your NEAREST AED.

There is also a NEW NATIONAL Website to help you find your nearest AED. Please go to

Remember, ALWAYS dial 999 first and they will assist you. If the person is not breathing or not breathing properly– say “CARDIAC ARREST”

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