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Jane Ansell

Jane moved to Burghfield Common in December 1999, to work in Theale for a multi-national FMCG company. She moved with two small children, 3 and 3 months, and her husband, Tim, knowing no-one in the area but knew it was the right place as her maiden name was Hawksworth!

Jane has continued to balance work and home whilst married to Tim (also on the Parish Council) and now her children have both left home for University, she has more time to devote to the community, so stood for council in May and was elected.

Throughout her life, Jane has worked in Supply Chain and now as a consultant, works closely with many companies to optimise their business operations all over the world. These skills she wants to use to help to enhance the Parish Council’s role within the community.

You can regularly see Jane behind one of the many bars at community events – Burghfest, Boxcart Bash, BRA May Fayre, Parish Council Sports Days, Guide Dogs open day and Santa’s pop-up pub all raising money for TVAA and other local charities. She’s also known as Mrs Rudolph!

Jane sits on the Infrastructure and Communications committees within the Parish Council to understand how to shape the village to focus on what the community needs. Bringing together the many charities in the village to maximise their potential and ensure that the help is given where it is needed.

Jane also would like to see the Parish Councils in Mortimer and Sulhamstead working closer together in a more cohesive way to maximise the potential and safe-guard the area from external pressures over the next few years. She believes this will become more important as pressures increase on land and services within the village.

Tim Ansell

Tim moved to Burghfield at the end of 1999 with his wife and 2 children. His career in supply chain has given him experience of the global community working in Germany, Scandinavia and managing and developing supply chain solutions in Africa and Russia.

Tim’s early community involvement was focussed around quiz nights in both the Rising Sun and the Bantum. He can now often be found at the quiz night in the Six Bells as well organising the quizzes for the Santa’s popup pub.

The friendships built at these regular social gathering and the shared belief in the importance of community events was the foundation upon which the Burghfield Santa’s was built. As a founding member of the Burghfield Santa’s, Tim is regularly found running the bars at many community charity events including Boxcart Bash, Burghfest, BRA May Fayre and the Santa’s popup pub in the village hall all of which raise money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance and other local village charities.

Tim’s love of travel, adventure and charity fundraising prompted him (along with his daughter and a fellow Santa and his son) to climb Mount Kilimanjaro raising money for TVAA.

As a member of the Parish council for the last 3 years Tim continues to sit on the Infrastructure and Communications committees and is a great believer in focusing on creating a great community through events and activities that everyone can enjoy and take part in.

Tim became Chair of Burghfield Parish Council following the elections in May 2019. Burghfield Parish will have a significant amount of external pressures forcing significant change on our community over the next few years. Whether they are the Local or National Government, the environment or other forces, managing these changes for benefit of the whole community will continue to be Tim’s priority.

Creating an environment where local people can live, work and meet together in a relaxed and fun environment is what creates a great community. The more we can do together the stronger the Burghfield community and identity becomes.

Steph Awberry

Member of the Communications Committee
Member of Community Committee

Maureen Cresser

Maureen was born and brought up in Essex, and has lived in Burghfield Common since March 1978. A member of the ‘Saga’ generation; trained as a shorthand typist (a job that has now gone the same way as the gas lamp lighter and many others). Has also lived and worked in Scotland and overseas. Her last job before retirement was within the health service. Thirteen years of her 48-year working life was spent as a stenographer in Central, East and Southern Africa working for two Commonwealth governments and several United Nations agencies. Hobbies include stamp collecting, photography and reading. Attends the Methodist Chapel in Burghfield, and is a member of Burghfield WI, Friendly Firs Ladies Club and also volunteers at Cafe B.

Co-opted onto Burghfield Parish Council in June 2009, and is a member of both the Community and Infrastructure Committees. If you see Maureen out and about with her little wire-haired miniature dachshund, Benson, she is always happy to stop, chat and listen to any concerns you as a parishioner may have.

Angie Gallagher

I have lived in St Marys Way, Burghfield for 32 years and been a Parish Councillor for the past 4 years.  As a former mental health professional, I am aware of the health benefits of living in the countryside, but I also know that rural isolation can have a detrimental effect on mental well-being.  For these reasons I have chosen to be a member of the Community and Communications Committees.

The Community Committee is responsible for our green and open spaces. Within the next few months West Berks Council will publish their long-term housing strategy.  I will continue to take a keen interest in local development as the significance of growth and its impact on the ecology and bio-diversity of our community needs careful consideration to ensure we preserve the uniqueness that is Burghfield. 

One of the major roles of the Communications Committee is the production of the quarterly newsletter which is delivered to every household in Burghfield.  This publicises Parish Council organised activities such as the Family Sports Day as well as other community events including the May Fayre, the Box Kart Bash and Burghfest.  We also developed the parish questionnaire which was included in the latest newsletter; the results of which will inform future priority planning by the Parish Council.  Highlighting local news, periodic community events and including articles from the variety of organisations, clubs and societies in and around Burghfield, enables us to promote inclusivity. By meeting the diverse needs and interests of our population, nobody needs to be lonely.

Duncan Godding

Member of the Asset Management Committee
Member of the Community Committee

Dave Godwin

Hi all, I’m Dave Godwin, I’ve been serving with Burghfield Parish Council for at least the last 6 years and I am a part of the Infrastructure and Communications Committees. Working with the Parish Council and attending numerous meetings gives me great satisfaction in giving so much back to the community. Being involved in all the public events which the Parish organise is a great buzz.

I moved into Burghfield around 25 years ago after moving up from Southampton through work, and decided this is the area for me. I became a School Governor at Burghfield St Mary’s in 1999, and I’m still there. I also joined Burghfield Residents Association (B.R.A.) around 12 years ago after assisting with the annual May Fayre where I have now been chairman for the last 3 years with a great team working alongside me organising the weekend May Fayre events. We raise many thousands for local Burghfield clubs and good causes.

To top it all I became a Burghfield Santa and now regularly attend the annual Christmas Cycle ride, the Boxcart Race, Burghfest and help organise on their many other events in Burghfield which raise money for Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Chris Greaves

Chris moved to Burghfield Common in 2005 and is married with three children. Chris is a Senior Estimator for a regional building contractor and has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry both in the UK and overseas. Chris joined the Parish Council in 2008 to help develop the Village Design Statement and is now Chair of the Infrastructure Committee. Chris and his family are actively involved in village life and he hopes his role in the Parish Council will make Burghfield and even better place to live. Chris’s hobbies include family caravan holidays, off-road driving, mountain biking, walking, gardening and DIY.

Carol Jackson-Doerge

Chairman of the Community Hub Committee
Member of the Finance & Governance Committee

Paul Lawrence

My wife and I have lived in Burghfield Common for 22 years and we have a nine-year-old daughter. I have served on the Parish Council for the past 11 years, including Chairman of the Planning Committee for 2 years and Chairman of the Council for the last six years.

The Parish of Burghfield has seen massive change over these years and will continue to do so as services are devolved down from District Council level to Parish Council. As Chairman I was instrumental in streamlining and improving the administration of the Council’s activities that, while vital, are not necessarily visible. This has allowed the council to deliver improved, cost effective services to the residents of the Parish.

I have a keen interest in ensuring housing developments, while not always welcome, are kept to a manageable level, recognising we do need sustainable housing for all members of our community.

I am working hard, with the rest of the councillors, to deliver the eagerly anticipated Community Hub. This will house a new Library, community café and other rooms for the community to use as their needs evolve in the years ahead, including hands on support of Parish events such as the Community Sports day, Family Bike Ride and Rec based sports.

Dr Royce Longton

Dr Royce Longton enjoyed an academic career as a plant ecologist working with the British Antarctic Survey, at the University of Manitoba in Canada, and at the University of Reading where he was at one time Head of the Department of Botany. He wrote one book, Biology of Polar Bryophytes and Lichens (Cambridge University Press, 1988), and more than 80 peer-reviewed research papers, and was awarded a DSc degree in 1993. He has been actively involved in community life in Burghfield for many years, as a member of the Parish Council since the mid nineteen-eighties, and as a Councillor for the Burghfield Ward from 1993 to 2015 on Berkshire County Council and latterly on West Berkshire Council, where he was Council Leader for four years. An enthusiastic champion of environmental conservation and enhancement, he has been actively involved with the planning process, seeking to ensure that the provision of adequate housing to meet local needs is achieved with the minimum possible damage our countryside and its biodiversity.

Ian Macfarlane

I have lived in Burghfield Common for over 22 years and am married with two daughters, both of whom attended the Willink School.  I am an Area Manager for a domestic appliance repair company based in Chelmsford.  I have been a member of the Parish Council for about 10 years and have served on several committees in that time. I am currently Vice Chairman of the Council and Chairman of the Community Committee.  I joined the Parish Council as I believe in community spirit and wanted to play a part in helping to promote that community spirit within the Parish. I am very proud of what the Council has achieved and hope to be able to help shape the Council’s future direction and plans for the Parish.

Ian Morrin

Member of the Infrastructure Committee
Member of the Community Hub Committee

Nick Morse

I came to Burghfield 26 years ago with my wife Linda and our two children. After a career in the IT and telecommunications industries I am now in semi retirement. I have been actively involved in Burghfield life from the beginning, particularly with the May Fayre where, apart from being on the organising committee for 10 years, I have been the PA announcer for the last 20.

I have been a Parish Councillor for 8 years and am Chair of the Communications committee, and a member of the Governance & Finance and Community Hub committees. My reasons for being a Parish councillor are to help improve what needs improving in Burghfield yet preserve what makes this community so special. I want to do my bit to ensure it continues to be special for the three generations of my family who live here.

Bill Neilson

Member of the Community Committee

Libby Sharp

Member of the Communications Committee
Member of the Community Hub Committee

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