Community ProjectsSkate Park - Old Recreation Ground

The Skate park re-opened in early October, following repairs to the pyramid and flat bank.  Whilst the skatepark has undergone remedial repairs to ensure it can safely re-open to the public,  the park does have an estimated life expectancy of 1-2 years, at best.

The Council are keen to move forward with the refurbishment of the park.  On behalf of Burghfield Parish Council, the Skate Park Working Party is seeking the views of the community in the development of a purpose-built wheeled sports facility at the Old Recreation Ground, Burghfield.  The project involves the design and construction of a sprayed concrete terrain to create a vibrant recreational space designed for families, children and young people of all skating and riding abilities.

To view some existing designs and get an idea of what you think makes a great facility, please take a look at the case studies available HERE

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