Parish NewsReady for winter!

Ahead of the 2018/19 winter season, bins already reported or noted as empty will be filled. However, please note that the parish council does not refill bins on demand.

The parish council provides grit bins at selected locations within the parish that are off the priority salting routes.
You can use the grit on the road, pavements and other public footways but not for treating private property. Misuse of the grit can lead to unnecessary shortages that can cause a danger to motorists. If you require grit or salt for your own property, it can be brought from major builders’ merchants or large garden centres.

Use a spade or shovel to spread the grit thinly and evenly across the road or pavement. A shovel full of grit will be enough to treat 20-30 square metres. Try using a stick to flick the salt off the shovel.

To report a grit bin problem please use our online form or email


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