West Berkshire NewsCovid Marshals in West Berkshire


West Berkshire Council is introducing a Covid Marshal Scheme for an initial period of three months starting on Monday 15th February. At the outset, eight Covid Marshals will begin working across the district, six in the community and two in the covid community testing centres. They are part of the Public Protection Service, helping people to stay informed about the latest government guidance and providing advice on Covid-19 restrictions. The aim is to help keep everyone safe by ensuring people aren’t inadvertently breaking any rules.

They will work shifts to cover seven days a week. The cost will be met by Covid-19 funding provided to the Council by central government. This new service will continue to provide support up to and beyond the easing of lockdown restrictions.

The Covid Marshals will have local knowledge and travel across the district. Priority areas will be Covid testing sites, supermarkets and places where local residents shop, markets, parks and open spaces. They will engage with the public and businesses about any concerns they may have. They will also hand out face coverings when necessary.

The officers will also support local businesses by ensuring that they are avoiding bottle-necks by operating effective one-way systems.

Covid Marshals will not have any enforcement powers but instead will work closely with public protection staff and Thames Valley Police, who will pick up any enforcement related matters.Please refer to the Q&A document to help answer any questions you may have.



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